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Sustainable Wood Watches

The wood for our watches comes from sustainable sources. And when you buy a watch, we plant a tree. These are small yet important steps toward a greener world.

Why go for a HOT&TOT watch?


We are not the only wood watch brand, but we are definitely most affordable! We have our own factory and we ship directly to you.


The wood for our watches comes from sustainable forestry. And when you buy a watch, we plant a tree!


We love to stand out from the crowd and we love a compliment (who doesn't?). Hence we make unique watches with distinctive design.

In a world full of waste and pollution, it is important for people to bring change.
Our watches will not bring that change. The people who wear them will.

Our planet...

... has always been our priority. So the wood we use for our watches comes from sustainable sources, which means the wood we use is sourced sustainably. Our gift boxes and shipping boxes are made from recycled material as much as possible. And with the American nonprofit foundation One Tree Planted, we plant a tree for every watch sold. On behalf of HOT&TOT and thanks to our customers, thousands of trees have been planted in Bolivia, in the Philippines and more recently in the state of Oregon. Together we can make the world a lot greener.

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