Chronograph watches from wood
A bold collection of men's wood watches, with accurate chronographs and shiny details. These chronograph watches all have an efficient Japanese Quartz movement which is battery powered. The chronographs in these wooden watches all have different functions, besides being highly decorative. Some chronographs only show the seconds hand, some have a date or a stopwatch function.

Eye for detail
All of these watches are designed and produced by us with exceptional eye for detail. A HOT&TOT watch should be a timepiece you would want to be wearing for years to come. Watches are pretty much the only piece of jewelry for men, so you better make it look great, right? 

Watches made from wood
These wood watches are rare and unique. You will never bump into someone with the same watch. In this collection you will find watches made from North American Walnut, South American Purperheart, African zebra wood and Indian sandal wood. Each of these wood kinds have their own specific touch and feel. And remember, none of these watches are the same. Each one of them is completely unique, thanks to these natural materials!