Wooden unisex watches for him and her
A beautiful collection of 40mm unisex watches, made of high quality sustainable wood. These watches are characterized by minimalistic, Scandinavian design. The eye should be drawn to the natural materials of these watches; the beautiful wood. The wooden watches in this collection are made from maple wood, sandalwood and zebra wood. All of this wood comes from sustainable sources.

40mm watches
All wooden watches in this MYTHS collection are perfectly suitable for both men and women. The diameter of the dial is 40mm. Women with really slim wrists might want to go for a watch with 36mm or 32mm diameter. For those sizes we advise to take a look at the LIGHTS, WOODS and part of the STONES collections.
Men who prefer bigger watches might want to take a look at our CHRONOGRAPHS, SQUARES or ROYALS collections.

Watches made from wood
These wood watches have a minimalistic design, because all of the attention should be focused on the beautiful wood which these watches are made of. In this collection you will find watches made from American Maple wood, African zebra wood and Indian sandal wood. Each of these wood kinds have their own specific touch and feel. And remember, none of these watches are the same. Each one of them is completely unique, thanks to these natural materials!