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HOT&TOT offers a large selection of wooden men's watches.
To store your men's watch nicely, all of our watches are delivered in a nice giftbox. So your watch remains as beautiful as possible for a long time!

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Men's watches
The dial of a men's watch is often larger than that of a women's watch, and in addition to showing the time you can also read other things on the separate chronographs, such as a stopwatch function. The date, day and part of the day are also still sometimes found on a watch.

We are of course talking about the technical gadgets often found in men's watches. A men's watch is often a combination of sleek design and fun gadgets. Yet it wasn't common for men to wear a wristwatch.

Men have been wearing watches for a very long time. The timepiece was also originally invented for working men. Work-floor managers, in particular, carried clocks with them because it allowed them to usher in lunchtime, but also to keep an eye on progress. And of course, no appointment was missed anymore.

Men, however, did not wear wristwatches. They always had a pocket watch that was attached to the vest with a chain. The watch then disappeared into one of the vest pockets. Wristwatches were after all a piece of jewelry for ladies.

However, this changed in the early 20th century. Especially during the First World War. Officers found out that the act of grabbing the pocket watch, reading the time and putting it away again took a lot of valuable time. A glance at the wrist seemed much easier.

The first wristwatches for men were therefore designed with the purpose of serving the military. Robust, strong and clear. Only later were additional technical gadgets added, but also the design was adjusted accordingly. So men could also enjoy a beautiful design and wear the men's watch as a piece of jewelry.

Watches for men, by HOT&TOT
In our online shop you will always find the most extensive collection of sustainable wood watches for men, designed by us. Our watches are made for men who like to stand out from the crowd.

One of the current trends is the minimalist watch. This trend in watches is for both women and men. For men, for example, we have the SQUARES watches and the MYTHS men's watches with a minimalistic design. But also the collection of our STONES watches, especially the Tigano watch, fit within this trend and are popular for men right now.

Other trendy men's watches can be found in our ROYALS collection, which contains our luxury line. 
Other collections with HOT&TOT wooden men's watches are:

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Or give a special man in your life a beautiful watch as a gift. For example as a Valentine gift, Father's Day gift or during the December month as a Christmas gift. No need to wrap the watch gift wrap, because you will receive the men's watch in a luxury gift box.

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