Wood watches with gemstones
A collection of wood watches for men & women, with a gemstone dial made of real marble, rose quartz, falcon's eye or tiger eye stone. For this STONES collection we have carefully curated the most beautiful and strong materials we could find. Tigereye stone has an amazing golden glow, which looks different from every direction. Falcon Eye stone is actually the same stone as Tigereye, but for it to become Tigereye it would have to corrode first. This stone corrosion happens in a matter of millions of year, so don't worry that you watch will start corroding. 
Another magnificent stone we use in our watches is marble. We offer watches with white, green and black marble as dial plates. And each one of them is unique. You will never bump into someone with the same watch! 

Watches made from wood
These wood watches have a minimalistic design, because all of the attention should be focused on the beautiful wood and gemstone which these watches are made of. In this collection you will find watches made from Italian olive wood, African zebra wood, Indian sandal wood, African ebony and American walnut. Each of these wood kinds have their own specific touch and feel. And remember, none of these watches are the same. Each one of them is completely unique, thanks to these natural materials!