About us

So, who are HOT&TOT?

Who is Hot and who is Tot?
It's actually just one guy with a funny name.
Joeri Hottentot. The founder of HOT&TOT.

Sustainable products for fast-fashion prices

He started his own watch business HOT&TOT because he was fed up with having to overspend to buy beautiful, high quality products that would last. When it came to buying watches, he felt stuck choosing between unsustainable fast-fashion products and overpriced luxury brands.

So...he designed his own watches, replicated the supply chain of luxury brands, and began selling online in 2014.

By keeping our operation lean and selling mostly online, we're able to offer luxury quality products at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury brands.

Our vision

HOT&TOT is a Dutch watch brand, founded in 2014 on the outskirts of Amsterdam. In 2017 we moved to the beautiful city of Alkmaar.
HOT&TOT combines the love for nature with the growing demand for sustainable and stylish products. Our wood watches are made entirely by hand from sustainably sourced wood and we tend to keep our designs as minimalistic as possible. Most of the attention should be drawn to the wood material and to the gemstones which we use as a dial plate in some of our wooden watches.

Our planet and the environment have always been our priority. So the wood used for our wood watches comes from sustainably managed forests, which means the wood we use is sourced sustainably. Our gift boxes and shipping boxes are made from recycled material as much as possible. And with the American nonprofit foundation One Tree Planted, we plant a tree for every watch sold. On behalf of HOT&TOT and thanks to our customers, thousands of trees have been planted in Bolivia, in the Philippines and more recently in the state of Oregon.

We're excited that you've found our corner of the internet, and we invite you to join the world we've created, which is characterized by our unfaltering commitment to quality, customer happiness, and minimizing harm to our planet.

We always love to hear from customers. Feel free to reach out to us at hello@hotandtot.com!

— Joeri Hottentot

HOT&TOT Headquarters

Koelmalaan 350
1812PS Alkmaar
The Netherlands