We plant trees.

Ever since our start in 2014, we believe that HOT&TOT should not exist at the expense of nature. Hence why we always give back to nature. If you buy a watch, we plant a tree. Read our story below.

"Do you really plant that tree?"

We get that question quite often, but it's really true! We have been working with several foundations that plant trees since ever we founded HOT&TOT. These Dutch and American foundations are planting millions of trees, creating new forests worldwide, investing in the future of our planet.

From 2014 to 2017, we have worked with the Dutch foundation Trees for All. This is the only foundation in the Netherlands with the CBF seal of approval allowing compensation in sustainable forest projects. So there is a check from the government whether those trees are actually planted. Trees for All has several projects worldwide, and we chose to plant trees in the Philippines and Bolivia.

One Tree Planted

Since 2018, we have been working in partnership with the American One Tree Planted foundation. The collaboration with Trees for All was excellent, but One Tree Planted plants trees among others in the American state of Oregon. The founder and designer of HOT&TOT used to live there, so it's his way of giving something back to this beautiful state. In addition, much of the maple wood in our watches is originally from North America, so in this way we are planting back close to the source.

Oregon is one of the greenest states in the US and has huge natural areas with many species of trees, including Douglas fir, American white oak, Ponderosa pine, Giant Thuja tree, Pacific willow, ash, black balsam poplar and the maple tree. One Tree Planted plants more than 35 native species so that the entire ecosystem is supported, and so that damaged forests can recover. That includes soil, streams, insects, birds, mammals and people. Healthy forests = clean water. If you've ever been to Oregon, you know how important it is to maintain these forests. And if you have never been, you should!