Sustainability is a core value of our watch brand...

after all, we started HOT&TOT with the idea of not taking from nature, but giving back.

Our current sustainability efforts span four areas:

1. Longevity (product design): We make our products with the highest quality materials so that they provide for years and years – if not a lifetime – of enjoyment. We carefully select each of the materials we use, like the Italian marble in the dials of some of our watches, the premium woods in our straps and cases, the Japanese movements and Mineral crystals in our watches, and the stainless steel in our clasps.

2. Recycled materials where possible: Our gift boxes and shipping boxes are all made from sustainable kraft cardboard. The still come with a nice HOT&TOT print!

3. Packaging: Our packaging boxes are made with recycled brown cardboard. In our stockroom, we never throw out boxes. We reuse them as shipping boxes or filling, wherever possible.

4. Planting Trees: We plant a tree for every watch that we sell. We have been a partner of One Tree Planted for years now. A real HOT&TOT forest is slowly emerging in Oregon, USA! We are always working on improving our sustainable footprint.
Please contact if you have any questions or suggestions.

You buy a watch
we plant a tree

Help us grow a forest