Exclusive wooden watches
The very best that HOT&TOT has to offer. Exclusive materials, exquisite design, amazing watches. These watches are made from the best natural materials we could find. Think about Iranian Blue Sodalite stone, Spanish black Marquina marble, Gun Metal Stainless Steel, scratch free Sapphire glass... And not to mention the beautiful pine wood giftbox which completes these watches. 

Chronograph watches
The chronographs in these wooden watches all have different functions, besides being highly decorative. Some chronographs only show the seconds hand, some have a date or a stopwatch function. The Royals' chronographs offer a stopwatch function. 

Eye for detail
All of these watches are designed and produced by us with exceptional eye for detail. A HOT&TOT watch should be a timepiece you would want to be wearing for years to come. Watches are pretty much the only piece of jewelry for men, so you better make it look great, right? The chronographs in these luxury wood watches, show you all the time you need.